Salma Hayek and her powerful message against domestic violence


The current pandemic of coronavirus that remains in various countries of the world (including Mexico, the united States and Brazil) has forced us to stay home for a long time. Unfortunately some people are suffering in their homes, as they have identified several signs of domestic violence against them and they have to stay close to your attacker for more days.

It is for this reason that recently, through social networking, celebrities who are aware of this alarming situation as Beyoncé and the mexican actress Salma Hayek, have joined the movement Chime for Change (founded by Gucci) to protest against domestic abuse and help people who are victims of this cause.

‘We retired to our homes to protect us from the threat of the Covid-19 but what if our home were a threat in itself? According to UN Women, emerging data show that violence against women has intensified significantly during the pandemic. That’s why it is so important that we take a stand against gender-based violence and we stand in solidarity with women’, he explained Salma in an emotional video he shared on Instagram.

‘We support women when we hear their voices. We support women when we respond to their varied and specific needs. We join the women during these critical moments when gender violence is increasing and access to health services is limited. If you want to be part of the movement with #StandWithWomen join us in the link in my biography’, asked the businesswoman of 53 years to his followers.