Salma Hayek is considered one of the richest women in the world


The years of successful career in Hollywood and his new facet as an entrepreneur have given Salma Hayek a place among the richest women in the United Kingdom, where he lives, so he reviewed the portal The Sunday Times.

The actress, 55 years of age, has accumulated a fortune that exceeds 8 billion dollars. This astronomical sum of money comes from his earnings as a film star, her foray into the business world and a large part of the money, her marriage to the entrepreneur frances Francois-Henri Pinault.

Under Salma, far below in the post 96, was located the queen Elizabeth with a personal fortune that exceeds $ 400 million.

Salma Hayeksince she married the entrepreneur owner of several fashion houses, has been dedicated in full to the world of design. Usually be on the front row of all the parades, important, friend of the designers on-trend and has become a muse to many of them.

According to the listing, the richest woman in the Uk is Kirsten Rausing, with a fortune that exceeds us $ 14 billion. The woman is the granddaughter of Ruben Rausing, the founder of the company Tetra Pak.

Salma then is living the best time of your life, enjoying the luxuries which is accustomed since his first foray into the cinema when it revolutionized the industry with his involvement in ‘Desperado’.

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