Salma Hayek launches message against gender-based violence


In full quarantine by the coronavirus, Salma Hayek shared a video on his account Instagram where he criticized the womenin addition guard to not get itmay not be safe in your own home.

“We retired to our homes to protect us from the threat of Covid-19. But what if our home were a threat in itself?”.

Also asked support to women for this kind of situations are eradicated.

“It is important that we take a position against gender-based violence and we solidaricemos with women to create safer homes and healthier and thus able to have a more secure world”.

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The mexican 53 years old expected that with the changes that come in everyday life after the coronaviruses are for the good.

“If we cannot return to the world as we knew it, let’s make sure we create one even better.”

Salma is Alsothe exceeds in richness to the queen Elizabeth

The british newspaper The Sunday Times has published its list of the richest people of the region and the veracruzan Salma Hayek, along with her husband, the businessman François-Henri Pinaulthave accumulated greater wealth than other people in the world of the show and even that the same queen Elizabeth II.

In his count the tabloid has given the couple a better position that the monarch, who said that in days past has been in communication with the prime minister and Boris Johnson to the emergency by Covid-19.

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On the mexican recalled that she earlier this year posted a picture doing yoga with a black dress. She also recalled that in social networks the actress has made millions of fans around the world.

Salma Hayek will join soon to the Movie Universe of Marvel when it debuts the film “The Eternals”, which is scheduled to reach cinemas in November.