Salma Hayek sends powerful message against violence to women


By means of a video share in your account of Instagram, the mexican actress expressed its support to the women who suffer violence of any kind while they are at home to protect yourself from coronavirus by sending a powerful message.

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“We retired to our homes to protect us from the threat of the Covid-19, but and if our home were a threat in and of itself. According to UN Women, emerging data show that violence against women has intensified significantly during the pandemic. That is why it is so important that we take a stand against gender-based violence, and we stand in solidarity with women”, began.

Inviting women who are compromised to put a stop and not allow this kind of abuse, Hayek added: “I really believe that we can generate a change if we unite our voices to shout No More!, let us unite to protect the human rights of girls and women everywhere.”

The video has received a myriad of support by internet users, who thank the mexican to perform this type of initiatives in favour of women.