Seeps a letter from Demi Lovato dedicated to an old friendship


After a few months, dedicndose to recover from some drawbacks in their Health status, Demi Lovato reapareci in the music scene.

It happens that the artist est preparing for his seventh album of study of that has already made some progress.

Ms all of which have already revealed a few simple the disk, Demi has not given too many details about the material complete.

In the absence of information, the public Lovato showed his anxiety and a few das circul by the networks, a topic whose lyrics will be dedicated to Nick Jonas.

You’re no friend mo, your love was a lie. You’re no friend mo, you left me alone to die, is a fragment of the structure of the singer.

Thus, the u.s. add the following sentences : he Was a da sad when I realized that the loyalty went only in one direction.

Apparently, the friendship of the composer and the Jonas Brothers are quebr because she did not, he felt accompanied in their worst moments.