Selena Gomez debuts on Instagram‘, ‘ Take a break’, a special project

It is clear that one of the main factors by which we worship our favorite artists is because of their amazing voices. His talent on and off stage makes us enjoy forming the soundtrack of our lives, although it is true that there are more things that we really like them. Some singers are really inspiring and that is the main reason that leads us to idolize artists such as Selena Gomez.

The artist has returned to grab the attention of the spotlight, although this time for a very different issue to that of some days ago. Recently we have been able to be aware that the pop star will participate in a cooking program that will test your culinary talent. Now the reason for its prominence is another.

Selena Gomez just premiered her video in the series of IGTV of Instagram #Takeabreak where he talks about one of the most important issues of the day and that arouses most interest: mental health. Now this area has taken on more relevance if it is. The running of the bulls can play against our thoughts and that’s why it is now more important than ever to keep at bay the bad health habits that cause mental illness.

The singer will offer in the above-mentioned program Instagram some tips to learn to relax, cope with positivity confinement and take the best part of each one of the activities that we carry throughout our days at home. Now that the project has seen the light, we can corroborate the great success that it is causing among the followers of the artist and people interested in mental health.

And has not been the only place that the singer has dedicated her time to talk about the issues that sometimes disturb our health. Selena Gomez has also released the conversation he had recently with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Health). In this video, the fans of the singer and other users will be able to enjoy again tips to boast of a healthy mind. What you’ve already seen?