Selena Gomez declared war on the Kardashians

During this confinement mandatory, the actress and singer Selena Gomez, has been one of the stars that has held these “vacation” at home. Although perhaps not what you’d expect, the young celebrity is also one of the typical women who often use make-up during the quarantine. Through the social network of the snapshot, it showed the result of his new signature cosmetics.

Baptized with the name of “Rare Beauty“, this line of makeup look for people to practice self-acceptanceeven as it has generated a variety of campaigns through your own account on Instagram. This motivated the singer has been very honest with their internal struggles, which go far beyond their health problems, as mental and mental, also play a very important role in the well-being of the human being.

The acquisition of new Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez surprised its 177 million followers on Instagram, after publishing a photograph of a disheveled and using their own make-up, now if it seems all a socialite. The best style of a Kardashian, now the interpreter “Boyfriend” will show your abilities as an entrepreneur and trader. Even, has already demonstrated his skills in real estate What you will do in other businesses?

In the photo you posted said “I wanted to put my makeup on. My dad noticed and then asked: “why do you look so?” Whistled while he walked away. So there is that. Wearing the entire line of Rare Beauty“. In this post, Gomez got nearly 9 million “likes”. It should be noted that the make-up at home was not the only novelty, its beautiful and crazy hair that left more of a fanatic without breath.

Rare Beauty, it is a brand that is focused on helping people with difficulties, from its inception, Selena Gomez he assured that there would be one more line of beauty. According to the scientist, professor and physician who help in this task, Scott Friedma, the signature pose sturdy columns as: beauty, self-acceptance and mental health.