Selena Gomez welcomed him to the last trailer of “13 Reasons why”


This series produced by the famous singer, Selena Gomezand based on the novel “SINCE 2007” from Jay Asher, offered the last trailer before its premiere on the streaming platform, Netflix. With the countdown underway, already missing very little so that fans can witness the fourth and final season of 13 Reason Why; which will be available on the 5th of June and will have ten chapters.

This advancement published by the famous singer through his official account of Instagram surprised all of his followers, since the main characters are graduating, but the secrets of the past haunt. It seems that finally it’s time to talk about what has happened; in fact, one of the topics most surprising was the return of Bryce, who had seemingly died in the last season.

Selena Gomez says goodbye to her beloved project

Selena Gomez offered this news to their 177 million of followers as well as a scoop, and to his most faithful fans, this information turned out to be splendid; taking into account that the entire world is facing the confinement required, the product of the health crisis that sparked the Covid-19. In a nutshell, it is a good plan to live the quarantine, great entertainment.

Weeks ago every one of the actors began to publish his farewell, even Netflix shared in Youtube some images where they could demonstrate to all members of the cast during the last reading of the libretto. There, every one was very excited, and between hugs and laughter were prepared to close this chapter of their lives. Despite the fact that it was considered as a series of a single season, he managed to jig up to the fourth and to the fans, surely will not be enough.

It should be noted that the first season of the project Selena Gomez, generated a great impact on the viewers, and went on to a polemic based on the theme and on the level of fiction, many didn’t like it. It is for this reason that the signature of Netflix, took the decision to edit one of the scenes most controversial of the end of the first season; in showing the character of Hannag as a result of suicide.