Shakira boasts a tremendous rear squat (VIDEO)

Shakira it is one of the most sensual women that there are in the whole of Latin america, so that, to their more than 40 yearswe can see her wearing a body of envy, which is maintained by his constant physical activity and healthy diets.

And proof of his great physical condition, is a recent video that went up to his account of Instagramin that appears, showing your ability to do Skateor skating in the table, which surprised all of his followers, because it is not very common to see a woman of her age by mastering this extreme sport.

In the video we can see as the interpreter of “she-Wolf” slips in that table, and as he approaches the camera, crouches down, showing her round and perfect rear, while making a signal with his command by showing that it is going very well.

Watch the video of Shakira

Following its publication on Instagram, the famous received hundreds of comments by his fans, who were stunned not only by your body, but also for his talent to make such an extreme sport.

“Amazing”, “you go, girl”, “I love you”, “I Love You”, were some of the comments it received.

And is that Shakira has occupied his quarantine in learning new things, because a few weeks ago he shared that he had gotten a degree in ancient Philosophy, after having studied an intensive course of 4 weeks at the university of Pennsylvania.

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Likewise, much has been rumored that the singer would be worried, because after having made strictly to the confinement, you would now be thinking of separating from her husband Gerard Piqué, as he is already back to work after negative Test Covid-19, which makes it suitable to go and train, in the face of the champions league post-quarantine.

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