Shakira surprised her fans by demonstrating his skill with the skateboard | VIDEO | nndc-nnes | Shows


The singer Shakira he has shown that his skills are not only limited to what you can do on a stage, but also added a new facet to its long list: a mother an expert in skate.

And is that sports are no strangers to the path of Shakirawho has also shared on different occasions with your workout routine and practice, has perfected his skills on the skateboard, a fact that has been hypothesized in their networks.

Through a video shared on his official Instagram, Shakira appears with a look that’s relaxed, composed by a few leggings and a sweatshirt, then crouches down in the same table, without losing control and smiling at the camera.

In just a few hours, the video has become viral and has topped 6 million views. Although many have been surprised to see the colombian master this sport, it is not the first time that demonstrates their interest in him.

Last February Shakira shared a photo on social networks with the that made clear its intention to learn about the tastes of their children. “Soccer mom and mom skater”, he wrote next to the snapshot in which she posed, smiling.

As we remember, Shakira has taken advantage of the quarantine to devote time to his family and his studies, proof of this is in the course of ancient Philosophy that ended some weeks ago.


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