Shawn Mendes delights his fans at the Palace of Sports


Without Camila Hair and without his song “Señorita”, Shawn Mendes delighted the thousands of fans on the second date of the Palace of Sports, making them live a magical night and full of romanticism, with the tour of some of their musical success.

Hundreds of fans were standing guard and waiting to see the canadian to the outside of the hotel that you are staying in the Mexico citythey have seen the father of Camila Hairsinger with whom he collaborated in the song “Señorita”.

This news excited fans of the singer, cuban-american, who hoped that was the big surprise of the night, but although nothing of this happened, enjoyed the spectacle offered Mendes.

Around 20:20 hours the singer came on stage with the theme “Lost in Japan”, followed by “There’s nothing holdin ‘out’ me back” and “Nervous”, making it pass through the Copper dome by the piercing screams of euphoria of thousands of attendees.


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From the first issue which Shawn interpreted, the place is lit up in colorful lights, that were appearing and out to the rhythm of each song, thanks to some bracelets that were handed out to all attendees at the entrance of the place.

Were in songs like “Stitches” and “Bad reputation”, that the bracelets were issued light blue and white in color in “Never be alone”, to mention a few topics.

The production scene was not so complex, since the intention was that all the attention will be focus in the interpretation, and in every movement of the singer. The screen behind the stage was circular with the public could be enchanted with various visual, such was the case of a moon, a sunset, and others that accompanied each issue of the interpreter.

In the middle of the track, the enclosure was placed a small secondary theater that held a white rose giant, in he interpreted “Life of the party”, “Like to be you” and “Ruin”.

As in “Treat you better”, the singer returned to the main stage and the rose began to change hue to blue, to purple, to that, subsequently, the singer knew how his female admirers chanted with the delivery of each verse he sang, it was at this time that Mendes gave the microphone on a few occasions their fans, who sang from beginning to end.

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With that momentum emanated from the madness of 15 thousand people, according to data provided by Ocesa, it gave “Particular taste”, where all the lights of the bracelets they changed it to a pastel pink, which turned red with their song “In the morning”.

“Mexico city thank you very much for being here… I want each of you to feel free and happy, you have the power to change the world for good, no matter what happens no one can prevent us from it,” was one of the phrases of thanks from the singer.

So he began to interpret “If I can’t have you” where there was an explosion of colors, reflected in the main screen, that made all the attendees gritaran with great insanity while Shawn Mendes asked repeatedly:“Let’s jump”, making it splash all over the place.

After an intense evening full of emotions, the singer closed out the night with “Fix you” and his hit “In my blood”.