Shawn Mendes might be surprised with Camila Cabello in Mexico

Attendees to the concerts Shawn Mendes in Mexico City, could be a pleasant surprise during the close of the world tour of the composer.

In the early hours of the morning, the faithful gathered at the main entrance to the campus hotel, despite the cold, continued to show enthusiasm and hope that Mendes were to come to live with them.

Although the interpreter is not left to see some members of his team were spotted by some fans, however, someone well-known also appeared on the radar, the father of Camila Hair, current partner of Mendes.

Mr. Hair was seen entering the hotel is located in Reform, and before the curious eyes of many young people, began the speculation about the possible presence of Camila’s Hair.

While waiting for the concert it became increasingly short, the rumors in social networks began to gain strength on the probability that the singer of “Havana” to make an appearance today on the Palace of Sportsto the side of Shawn Mendes to interpret “Miss,” in the penultimate show of the world tour of the canadian.

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Meanwhile, a follower from Mendes who was inside the hotel saw the couple leaning out over the balcony of the hotel and greet the guests, however, the security that was on the ground not allowed to use your phone to capture the moment.

Shawn Mendes will be presented today with the second of her three concerts in Mexico City in the Palace of Sports, to give closure to the tour “The Tour” that began the past month of march in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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