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The cinema and provocation have an intimate relationship of long standing. From the original The Birth of a Nation (1915, D. W. Griffith), controversy since its postulates political and ideological questions relating to racism and support for the Ku Klux Klan, the seventh art, we delivery both as a title that revolutionizes audiences and critics, and, many times, faced censorship. These are films that tend to be difficult to see so explicit in regard to sex, as is the case with films like Salò, or the 20 days of Sodom (1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini) or A Serbian Film (2010,Srđjan Spasojević); or by deliberate violence that excites the spectators, as it happened, for example, with Irreversible (2002, Gaspar Noé)

IRREVERSIBLE: How the camera conveys the story.

Here we bring to you a list of movies, contentious, controversial, uncomfortable and thought-provoking. All of them, in addition to these adjectives, they are great movies and can be found on the different streaming platforms to watch from home. Classic film, great directors, cinema of author, terror, violence, politics and sex are some of the features that made these movies a piece uncomfortable

The exorcist

1973 – Dir: William Friedkin. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Qubit.

The exorcist is possibly the masterpiece of terror, ranked as one of the films most terrifying in the history. Released in 1973, prior to the boom of the cinema of genre and slashers, this work has the possession of satan of Regan, a 12 year old girl who goes through all kinds of horrifying and traumatic situations. The film was not only groundbreaking in terms of technical aspects, but suffered censorship by the great violent content and sexual involving a child. The controversy transcended the film to bring it to the life of the actress who played Regan, Linda Blair, who seemed to be surrounded by a curse, being persecuted by orthodox religious and then hospitalized for mental problems, which in popular culture is attributed to the trauma of the shooting

The Exorcist (The Exorcist 1973) Trailer Official – Subtitled Spanish. HD

The clockwork orange

1971 – Dir: Stanley Kubrick. Available on HBO Go and Qubit.

The masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick, based on the homonymous book by Anthony Burgess, is a feast of provocations and disturbances. The film focuses on Alex, a guy wrong and addicted to the “ultra violence.” Rapes, beatings, robberies and drugs make up the day-to-day of this teenager adrift, within a british society that has no place for him. This starts the process of “healing” of Alex, one of the points that makes this film a dish controversial, and uncomfortable viewing: the center of rehabilitation, between military and prison, using methods even more violent than those of the own Alex to finish with his violence uncivilized. The film performs this rabid criticism of the methods of behaviorists within psychiatry and psychology; the explicit in its images, and daring of the story were sufficient reasons for face to censorship and prohibition. Almost 50 years of its release, a clockwork orange is considered one of the best movies of the cinema history. With Malcom Mc Dowell and cast.

Trailer A Clockwork Orange

The last temptation of Christ

1988 – Dir: Martin Scorsese. Available on Netflix.

Any movie that includes directly the figure of Christ or reference to its history, we know it will cause a stir. The areas religious tend to be very jealous of the sacred figures, and many times the film is responsible for putting this vision in check. So it was with this classic from Martin Scorsese, in which he proposes a vision of Jesus far more human than that of the Gospels, filling it with doubts about his plan, crossing it with the sex and telling an alternative story about his sacrifice. Willem Dafoe was responsible for interpreting Jesus, giving one of the performances most formidable of his career. The film was banned and censored in several countries, Argentina among them, and today is considered a great classic of the master of cinema. Something similar happened with the film the passion of The Christ Mel Gibson, which premiered in 2004, a film that presented high degrees of violence to narrate the religious history.

The last temptation of Christ – Trailer


2017 – Dir: Darren Aronofsky. Available on Netflix.

Unlike the rest of the films that comprise this list, Mother! it is a film disturbing in its approach to narrative and psychological. With the great performance of Jennifer Lawrencewe see the strange state in which you enter a woman that is completely invaded by strange people in your house. Your husband, your home and your daily life will mutate so desperate to get to a confusing and artistic end. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky, the director who is accustomed to inconveniencing the public, such as happened with films such as Requiem for a dream (2000) Pi (1998) and Black Swan (2010). Mother! was in the mouth of all, and became controversial especially bewildering and stifling of the history, leaving more than one completely helpless in the end.

Mother! (Mother!) – Trailer Subtitled Spanish Latino 2017

The piano teacher

2001 – Dir: Michael Haneke. Available at Qubit.

If we talk about Michael Haneke, we speak of provocation. The German director has made a handful of titles that are found on any list of films disturbing. Of course this always joins in the controversy, as it happened with Funny Games (1997), which does not seem deaf to the violence implicit in Haneke. The producer is the owner of a unique expertise to result from a violence almost imperceptible or passive but unbearable. The piano teacher stands out in bold and perverse of its protagonist, a classic and severe piano teacher, living with his mother, enjoys practices sadomasochistic in secret and fall in love with a young student of piano. The film caused a stir in the critical and in the public, which did not prevent that outside award-winning. With Isabelle Huppert and cast

Trailer The Pianist (The Piano Teacher) subtitles Spanish

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