So live Kourtney Kardashian insulation, with a fridge full of mexican beers!


Kourtney Kardashian could pass for mexican, as you will be missing these beers in your fridge.

The celebrities that have taken advantage of the isolation for the quarantine of these days, and more than ever are spending time at home, something that perhaps was not the case when the passed in event event.

And of course, how not to take advantage of their mansions with swimming pools and filled with luxury?

For shows, the Kardashian, who have lived the best and have been able to take advantage of their time at home.

Recently, we saw Kylie Jenner premiering new mansion in full quarantine and enjoying their pool. Here is the note for that you get all of the details.

Who also don’t pass anything bad to your so is your sister Kourtney Kardashianbecause apparently he likes to cool down with beer and in his house there is no shortage of this drink.

But, you wonder, what beer is has a Kardashian in your refrigerator?

Oh well, nothing more and nothing less than a mexican beer!

In the stories of his Instagram official shared the picture of her fridge full of Coronas.

This made us think that well Kourtney could pass for mexican, as not only has Crowns in house, if not on the Day of the Mothers, was instructed to send a present to your friends, which included a Tequila Don Julio.

Could it be that is giving us a sign or maybe just loves these mexican beverages?