So was the love story of Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas


It has been the love story between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas through the years/Photo: Instagram @sophiet

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It has been the love story between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas through the years/Photo: Instagram @sophiet

They are handsome, talented, and expect their first child together. They are one of the most famous couples of Hollywood and in CHIC we tell you how they met and fell in love.


The love story between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas begins in this year. Both were presented by the singer Hailee Steinfeld, a friend in common. According to Hailee, it was Joe who asked him to present it to the actress. The current pair kept in touch through Instagram and they kept their relationship as private as possible.


The pair became engaged in October of 2017. Through Instagramthe singer shared a picture where you can see the hands of the couple and Sophie wearing an engagement ring, an act that made it official that they were in love and committed.


For September of this year, the couple did not hide much and the paparazzi the picked up going out to dinner or just walk. They decided to have a new member in your new family: Porky Basquiat, a dog siberian on more than one occasion has been the feeling in Instagram.


This was the year in which the couple married. They had two weddings: the first ceremony took place in June in Las Vegas and the religious was held one month later in Paris, in the castle Tourreau in Sarrians. Among the guests were the brothers Jonas, Nick and Kevin with their respective spouses Priyanka Chopra and Danielle, and close friends to lovers. Sophie wore a wedding dress signed by Louis Vuitton.


Rumors of a possible pregnancy were present and, in fact, the actress and the singer are waiting for their first baby. The couple has been very secretive and has not communicated anything about it, but the paparazzi already caught the baby bump of Sophie. All indications are that it is one of the more babies expected this to 2020.

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