“Taki Taki” from DJ Snake with Selena Gomez, award-winning Latin Awards BMI


“Taki Taki” was chosen as the song to contemporary Latin of the year in the edition number 27 of the Latin Awards BMI awards that due to the contingency of health could not hold its traditional gala in the city of Los Angeles. The winners were announced last Monday, in a virtual way.

Gaby Music was chosen composer of contemporary Latin music of the year by creating, among other hits, the song “Taki Taki” DJ Snake, Ozuna, Selena Gomez and Cardi B.

The award of “Taki Taki” shared Gaby Music, Ozuna, Vicente Saavedra and Jordan “Pardison Fontaine” Thorpe as composers of the theme (the Latin Awards BMI only recognize the artists that are part of BMI).

Latin awards BMI for the Regional Mexican

On the other hand, the award to the composer of Regional Mexican music of the year went to Geovani Cabrera, who left his signature in songs like “through the glass”, “The luxury of to have you”, “Second option” and “You will want to see me”.

“No you were told wrong,” of, Edgar Barrier, was chosen the song of Regional Mexican music of the year. In addition, Sony/ATV Music Publishing won the award publisher in Latin of the year from BMI for the fifth consecutive year.

“The music is even more important than ever in times like this, and we feel extremely proud to honor the songwriters behind the songs most played in the last year,” commented president and chief executive officer of BMI, Mike O’neill.

It was planned that the edition 2020 of the Latin Awards BMI held march 31 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, however, the gala could not develop due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.

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