Taylor Swfit and Halsey go crazy with the performance of Selena Gomez | Music


Have already been delivered American Music Awards, 2019 and it was, without doubt, a great night for Taylor Swift. And for the record, not only for having been named artist of the decade and for having added 5 additional awards to his resume.

It was also a great night for her because her great friend, Selena Gomez, returned to the stage after a time withdrawn.

The friendship between the two remains evident. There was No more to see Selena sitting during the gala at the side of the mother of his friend with the one who enjoyed the performance of Taylor.

And yes, there were gestures of complicity between the two. Like when Taylor Swift pointed out to his friend who was singing along to it from the seats. Without a doubt, a relationship that remains as strong as ever for a lot of that has been put in doubt at times.

And the support was mutual. The first up on stage was Selena who opened the gala. He began with a sober mise en scene black and white to interpret Lose you to love methe theme that speaks of your relationship with Justin Bieber.

Appeared wearing a black dress that covered his whole body and voice took over the leading role. And we can not say which offered a vocal technique beyond reproach, but the emotion you experienced exceeded any fault that may have. I was nervous and it showed but was recovering as he went along his performance.

Then it was the turn of the second single which has presented the album to be released in January, Look at her now. For the occasion, popped off the black dress and appeared a body silver which made it look totally sexy. The stage was filled with dancers to accompany the song and gave it all singing and dancing.

Taylor Swift and Halsey they were not able to restrain itself and prey to the excitement to see the performance of his friend, stood, and could not stop yelling, leaving for the I remember one of the moments most viral of the night.

It was a great night for Selena who came to the American Music Awards with a look back. With a mini dress lime green Versace with matching shoes and a hair lob, a smooth which gave it a look very noventero.

And, the other surprise of the night regarding their physical appearance was the tattoo that showed in networks, not one of these little ones that usually do with their friends. It is a new tattoo of hands praying with a rosary in hand, that has been done on the thigh.

Everything points to that 2020 will be a new stage for Selena.