Tekashi 6ix9ine out of jail before time for the pandemic


As you know, the controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine (New York, 1996) took several months in the jail, something sadly common in the urban artists. The issue is that with the arrival of the virus Covid-19 and the global pandemic that it meant, the artist and his lawyers requested his release temporary.

The new york-based 23-year-old (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) had entered prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges, among which were those of organized crime, possession of a firearm and drug trafficking. A pack very complete.

6ix9ine leaves prison by the Covid-19

And is not that the rapper was in the age of risk, but it suffers from asthma, a medical condition that could exacerbate enough their health in the case of the spread of the virus. The artist, like all those who suffer from this disease, has many more chances of having complications, such as the case of the pneumonia.

Although the petition of the lawyers of 6ix9nine was initially rechada, the application has been accepted now.

We assume, coinciding with the pandemic begins to spread throughout the united States, especially in the city of New York. Country in which they have been quite lax with the rules of detention, which we assume will be changing given the data starting to be managed.

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We know that it has been locked up in a private jail (institution with agreements with the federal bureau of prisons of the united States) in the state of New York, but -due to security reasons – has never been known in what, according to his lawyer Lance Lazzaro.

But as expected, these measures do not provide full freedom to Tekashi. The artist must stay without leaving the house under any excuse during the next six months, with the only exceptions being to see your attorney or emergency medical.

And it very well could be in that private jail, the better it will be in your home. Yes, having regard to the history of 6ix9ine and his tendency to get into trouble, it would be better this time if you make case to the authorities and if you stay in your home. Not only for the legal issues, but because of a severe pneumonia you may end up under the ground as fast as a pistol.

Of time will going well the play.

We don’t know if 6ix9ine would let him, but Young Thug makes sure that it would not allow Lil Uzi would come into his house.