The actual photograph in order to know who has more: Kardashian or Yuliett Towers


Until now Yuliett Towers had been known as the Kardashian mexican by that which their curves were designed to resemble the north american. To date in recent years has been Kim Kardashian the undisputed leader of this category in a few times when the models are thin and have a figure with very few curves. This is changing and more and more in these last few years Kim will have gone out several competitors.

And is that are becoming more fashionable girls with lots of curves and volumes, much more extensive than the which were until now. Girls like the Kardashian, the pioneer, Demi Rose, Anastasiya Kvitko, or Sommer Ray. It is precisely in this category where he has excelled the young man from Jalisco Yuliett Torres, who boasts of having a few curves and a body 100% natural without any kind of surgery, all fruit of the hard work you do every day and that you share through the social networks daily.

If there is something that stands out also Yuliett Torres is to leave in the comments of the photos of the deep messages that go beyond the photo itself, leaving visible its way of understanding life and their attitude towards the same: always looking forward, always positive in front of the sticks that the life you are giving to one and always knowing to take a learning of the worst times to extract something positive from them.

In your last photo in which appears with a white gown, very tight with floral details of various colors, to Yuliett you can see him as his butt has absolutely nothing to envy to that of Kim Kardashian. It is more, it makes clear that it is more bulky than that of the american, and has placed it as the absolute leading of this new category of models.