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Actress Amber Heard meets 33 years old this Monday in a complicated time of your personal life. The interpreter is located in the middle of the war with her ex-husband, the actor Johnny Depp, who split in may 2016, and who complained of ill-treatment. A battle that has heightened recently after the actor Pirates of the Caribbean the have been sued for defamation and would file a claim now 50 million euros.

After four years of relationship, Heard and Depp were wed in 2015. Just 15 months later, in may 2016, Heard requested a restraining order after that they might accuse him of abuse. The actor denied the facts, and the couple divorced in August of 2016 through a private agreement. Heard stated before the judge that the actor Eduardo Manostijeras became a “monster” when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. “I threw a bottle, threw the things in the room and hit a wall. I slapped him with force, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me through the house,” claimed Heard in his time, according to court documents to which he has had access to the magazine People recently.

In all this time, the actress has become the spokesperson for women’s rights and has done everything possible to expose a film industry that tends to look the other side when he accused some of his stars. At the end of last year, Heard published a column in The Washington Post in that, not to mention Depp by name, claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. “Two years ago, I became a public figure representing the domestic abuse and felt the full force of the rage culture that exists against women who raise their voice,” says in the column, where he claimed to have witnessed the way in which institutions protect the men accused of abuse.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in London, in 2011. Joel Ryan AP

Something that Depp didn’t like to read; then, took legal action against his former wife. The actor, who has always maintained that he never abused his wife but it was she who exerted physical violence against him on occasion, sued her for slander less than a month ago and you claim up to $ 50 million. A legal battle that, without doubt, going to long. Heard, that does not usually have qualms about speaking of their private life, for the time being has not been delivered after the last action that was her husband for 15 months.

In the professional field, the interpreter of The girl Danish he combines his work in some movies with some charity projects. In terms of his work in the interpretation, Heard, that since his separation always accused Depp of have moved your thread to put it in the black list of Hollywood, he made a small appearance in The Justice League (2017) in addition to interpreting Meera in Aquaman (2018).

Additionally, Heard is ambassador of SAMS, the organization of doctors working in the Syrian crisisas shown in his account of Instagram, which has more than three million followers. It is also an active advocate of the cause of LGBT+. A few days ago, he spoke of how he had been born in Texas, in a family, very conservative, and how much it had cost him to tell his parents, his bisexuality.

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