The boyfriend of Alexa Dellanos is offering $15 thousand who returned to their boxes stolen in Miami

Alec Monopoly explains that he was in a room of a house in a gated community in Miami when his brother Avery Andon came running in panic.

Andon said that his Range Rover white was stolen on Thursday, and inside there were four pieces by Alec Monopoly, three of which were exhibited during the Art Basel Miami Beach 2014.

“I dropped the heart”, said Alec Monopoly, boyfriend of Alexa Dellanos, adding that the parts have a value of “historical” staff. “As an artist, each piece I create is like a piece of yourself”.

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The official Kiara Delva, spokesman for the Miami Police Department, said detectives are looking for surveillance videos and other tracks. The artist is offering a reward of $15 thousand for information leading to the recovery of the pieces of art.

Alec Monopoly has shown his work in MOCA Bangkok, the Museum of Multimedia and Design in Moscow. He is co-owner of the gallery Eden Fine Art in Miami Beach.

Their coleccionisas of art include Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg. His inspiration almost always is Mr. Monopoly, Richie Rich, Mr. Burns from the Simpsons or Scrooge McDuck.

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“They spend hours and hours and even years thinking about concepts for your work, so that when stolen art is something very individual,” said the artist, adding that “there’s not really a market to sell them on the black market. If it sells, probably find them and track where they are,” he added.

Delva is asking anyone with any information to call the Miami Police Department, the 305-579-6111 or the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers, the 305-471-8477. Alec Monopoly wants tracks also by e-mail, in [email protected]

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