The curious list of gifts of Jennifer Lawrence for your wedding


In February we found out thanks to a news portal Page Six the prestigious actress Jennifer Lawrence was committed to the art dealer Cooke Maroney. There was No further information or details, such as the date or the place of the link, and we are left with a lot of curiosity.

Was the past 16 of September that they saw in New York processed the marriage license and now, the actress Mother he has shared pathway Amazon the curious list of gifts that you want for your marriageranging from glasses of martini to a table to cut cheese.

At the beginning of the page you can read a message that says: “Jennifer Lawrence, actress and philanthropist is home.” And it continues with another message of the same Jennifer: “ Planning a wedding is very exciting but also overwhelming, for anyone who needs a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share some of my favorite products from the wish list registry. It is very easy, and you can find anything you need in a single place,” mentioned.

In addition to appreciating a lot of kitchen items as a cart of kitchen, cutting board, or a machine to make pasta, can also be found within the wish list electronic items ideal for travel or improve the stay in the house, such as: a horn Marshall or a GoPro camera, which certainly will capture several special moments between Jennifer and Cooke.

Jennifer Lawrence in the parade of Dior #PFW Photo: AFP

Jennifer was seen sporting a engagement ring at the beginning of February and is believed that it started out with Cooke in may of 2018, after meeting with the actress, Laura Simpsona mutual friend of the two.

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