The dad of the Kardashian did not want to interact with african americans


However, according to is read in The Kardashians: An american dramaonce Kardashian he confessed to a group of friends that he regretted the openness she had with her daughters to allow that coexist with african americans.

The book on the Kardashian.

“I know black people, I’ve known black people all my life and I like to sleep with white women. O. J. is Always bragging about the amount of women that he and his friends go to bed. And my daughters are liberal, perhaps too liberal and have no one to blame, except me”.

In fact, it is said that one of the recent troubles that he had in his life was the fact that, by default, Kim married in 2000 with the music producer Damon Thomas. According to he confessed, eight years after this wedding, he did so under the influence of ecstasy.

When Kim she learned her dad had cancer of the esophagus, tried to speed up as much as she could the divorce proceedings, however, achieved in 2004, a year after the death of his father.