The daughter of Cardi B plays for home with a collar of 100 thousand dollars


The rapper boasted in a video of Instagram of jewelry that uses your daughter for a year, among which is a diamond necklace adorned with characters from their favorite series.

With less than two years, the small Kulture already have a jeweler’s dream, which rivals that of their famous parent. As good lovers of ‘brilli-brilli’the rappers Offset and Cardi B have not repaired expenses when buying bracelets, earrings and rings of diamonds since he came into the world in July of 2018.

Cardi B
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What is most surprising is that those jewels are not kept in a safety deposit box waiting for it Kulture gets older and be able to appreciate them as they deserve. At his young age, the little used all these gifts, as has been seen in a video that his mother shared in the Stories of their Instagram.

In the recording, Kulture appears jumps home while playing with his father, dressed in sports clothing and wearing several bracelets adorned with precious stones on the wrists. However, the piece more eye-catching wearing is a collar by which it is known that the rapper paid 100 thousand dollars last summer. The design is inspired by the characters from children’s series World Partyone of the favorite of the small, and probably not have been able to start to wear it until recently due to their size and weight.

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The famous performer has always defended his decision to spend six figure sums in the cloakroom and accessories Kulture alleging that works hard to be able to afford it.

“A woman like me is going to malcriarla. If I’m covered in diamonds, she also”clarified Cardi when I bought the above necklace. “And yes, I brag about it because I birth the spine to be able to do it.”

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By: Bang Showbiz