The day that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston wore the same dress


Without a doubt Whitney Houston it was one of the great singers of the story, his great voice and talent earned him a place in pop culture, and despite no longer being in the world, your work continues to give of what to speak.

And a curious anecdote is when they took the stage of the MTV Music Awards to the side of another great singer: Mariah Carey. Both were surprised to look the same dress red.

It was the year of 1998, the two singers had been invited to present an award, the surprise was great when the viewers realized that they wore the same dress of v neckline. The singers joked with the situation, Mariah said that she had said that it was “a unique piece” to which Whitney agreed. Without a doubt, their relationship was something to be envied.

But everything seemed to indicate that they tried a number of planned, because moments before, on the red carpet, had paraded with an outfit different. Carey carried the red dress while one Houston brought a suit very elegant in a gray color.

Singers Mariah Carey (L) and Whitney Houston smile to photographers after they participated in the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards at the Universal Amplitheatre in Los Angeles, CA, 10 September. AFP PHOTO Vince BUCCI (Photo credit should read VINCE BUCCI/AFP via Getty Images)