The discontent of Emilia Clarke with this time of “Game of Thrones”


Almost a year has passed, but the end of Game of Thrones still fishtailing. The greatest phenomenon in the history of television said the past month of may with an eighth season really controversial. The fiction was divided to millions of fans as a result of such an outcome, to say the least, risky.

Precisely to the resolution of the series was referring to our beloved Emilia Clarke. The unforgettable Daenerys Targaryen was talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones in an interview given to The Times and the actress did not hesitate to put the focus on the destination Jon Snow, something that did not like anything.

I was very sad for Daenerys. I really felt for her. And yes, it bothered me that Jon Snow might not have to face anything. Escaped a murder”. Effectively, to Emilia Clarke finished not fit well the fact that the person responsible for the death of his character was scot-free at the end. It is not without logic.