The emotional message with which Ariana Grande remembers the third anniversary of the bombing of Manchester


It’s hard to believe that already three years have passed since it produced the attack of Manchester in the concert Ariana Grande that resulted in the death of 22 people. The attack shook the English city, and it was a huge shock to all in attendance, for the singer and for the society in general. Now, as we approach the 22nd of may, the day on which the incident occurred, Ariana has wanted to launch a emotional message in their social networks.

Ariana Grande was in full tour of your disk Dangerous Woman when a suicide bomber did explode a few bombs at the Manchester Arena, the venue where he was performing, leaving 22 people dead and 139 injured.

Promotional image of the video clip of 'Thank you', 'next', Ariana Grande.

Promotional image of the video clip of ‘Thank you’, ‘next’, Ariana Grande.

The event was traumatic, and for days Ariana Grande was detained at home, trying to overcome what just happened. In fact, the artist continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress and he admits to what he lived that day changed his life forever.

However, and removing forces from leanness, Ariana Grande r
graduated to Manchester a few months later to perform a benefit concert, the One Love Manchesterto raise funds for the victims. In the participated Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Take That, Robbie Williams and Katy Perry, among many others.

Ariana Grande shows her curls

Ariana Grande shows her curls

This 22 of may, the three-year anniversary of the horrible terrorist attack in Manchester and Ariana Grande wanted to have a few words to his followers, and, above all, for the victims who suffered from near that horrible experience.

“I want to take a moment to recognize and send all my love to those who feel sadness and tremendous heaviness in the anniversary which is coming up this week. Not a day passes in which we do not stop affect both you and us. I’ll keep you all in my mind these days throughout the weekend. My heart, thoughts and prayers will be with you”, wrote the artist on Instagram along with his iconic photo with the rabbit ears, the image of the tour Dangerous Woman.