The government of Mexico gives priority not to carry accessories or beards to resume work activities


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The news regarding the coronavirus is updated every day, and in Mexico —a country where the population is in quarantine— recently spoke of the “New Normal”: a plan for citizens to regain gradually its activities without neglecting the preventive measures.

With a tentative date to lift the quarantine in each region (according to the cases registered and the sector) there is much talk about how will be the return to the offices.

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At this point, the Secretariat of Labor and Social welfare (STPS) published recently the document Technical guidelines for health safety in the work environment. In it, he explains in detail the “New Normal” and considered from the levels of alert (traffic light) to identify a variety of settings, until the new measures of protection in working together.

The text details new administrative rules and organizational enterprises, which are to be implemented when the time of reopening:

  • Measure the body temperature at the entry and exit of the company
  • Control of visits and providers
  • Maintain healthy distance
  • Use of forced face cloths
  • The working meetings should be preferably by telephone or by video call
  • To limit the realization of social events

Between all the rules listed, there was one that caught my attention: you should avoid the use of jewelry of all sorts, ties, and even dismiss the use of beards and mustaches. All in order to avoid the contamination of COVID-19.

Numerous medical specialists in the world, still studying the permanence of the coronavirus on various surfaces. Unfortunately, the beards and the extra accessories are in the spotlight: might bring up pathogens with greater ease.


With a figure greater than 50 thousand confirmed cases in the countrythe priority of the mexican government is that the disease does not further spread, as well as to attend to patients who require it.


If you live in Mexico, you know: when you go back to work it will be better to leave out any accessory that is not essential. The men must be well shaved to take care of the own health and that of their peers.

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