The new look of Adele did enter in panic to their look-a-likes


Despite having spent several days from that Adele he made public his new appearance, an there are many who are surprised and have not been able to stop talking about it.

The singer revel your changed appearance the same day on which was celebrating its birthday number 32, however their look-a-likes have expressed your concern.

During the program This Morning by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, the girls who imitate the composer could not pass up the opportunity to talk about the concern that they feel for the health of the famous.

Besides, these people have expressed the worry that has been caused the fact of change of image the britnicabecause their fanticos expect them also to drop weight.

Natalie and Maria, two of the work performing shows like the interpreter of Someone like you, have stated that they will do everything possible to reach out to a like image, however, Jax said that you feel well with your current look and that confa in your talent to continue with their acts.

The same Jax relat: we have Not seen it act thin still, not s qu habr in the mind of the people and what esperarn, this with reference to the artist.

Without a doubt Adele caus feelings among all of his followers to reveal how it looks currently, all on the basis of work and discipline.