the project of Christina Aguilera to take care of mental health during the confinement


We are facing a health crisis at a global level as we could never have imagined. We have been many weeks at home, we have new rules to follow for our daily lives… This is our new “normal”, and for many it is a challenge. What is more, this period of uncertainty has done that there are increasing cases of anxiety or depression from the anxiety generated by the confinementespecially among the young. To them it has directed the singer Christina Aguilera, who has used his account of Instagram to pose a challenge to his followers: publish the pages of their journals and express how you feelso share with others their experiences during these moments so tense.

The singer has named this new project #DiaryDares (something like ‘dare with your daily’), and hoped to be able to inspire their followers to speak and thus be able to retrieve the much-needed discussion about mental health.

“Today I start
. In these moments in particular, it is essential that we look deeply, we listen and that we create a ‘safe space’ for all of us… To to share our experiences present or past (or hard good), let us reflect in who we want to be, how we want to live when we get out of all this, and what it is that we want to leave behind.”

The singer also explained what it means for her and her mental health the point in a journal how you feel, leaving very clear the importance of sharing how we feel in these times of uncertainty: “The newspapers always have helped me keep me focused and have allowed me to reflect, listen to my own voice” he says, “I Give thanks to have been able to look back and see how my life has led me to my present.”

The own Christina has published a page from his journal.

“Every day he comes with a mood, a perspective and a different energy. It is very interesting,” he writes, “we are in the same place and we have the freedom to decide what to do with our time or our days; we have our own thoughts, in privacy, without the interference of other; the noise of other’s opinions can make us change idea, imitate and potentially become ours. Suddenly, all of that has stopped, and that is what we need”.

So, wanted to encourage his followers to do the same and remind them that they are not alone. It has also made an appeal to his friends, among which stand out the singers Demi Lovato (which has already been pointed out the challenge), Alicia Keys or Lizzo and the actress Halle
Berry, to do the same.

I dare you to be real, not to be afraid, take the filters and be comfortable enough in yourself. I challenge you to unite and share what we feel -no matter that we may feel afraid, alone or whatever. I challenge you to read the truths of each one and support” he says, “I Hope that you join me. This kind of things are very important, and we will feel much better and more strong”.