The Serena Williams more tender and clueless: your morning routine with the Olympia sweeps


Serena Williams usually wipe with their posts on Instagramespecially when you share details of your day-to-day with her husband Alexis Ohanian and, especially, your daughter Olympia.

The small, he will be 3 years in September, he blasted a tutorial of beauty of his mother in march of last year, she starred in a crazy choreography of dance with the tennis in April and is now the star of the morning routine of the winner of 23 tournaments of the Grand Slam.

The video was already going this Friday afternoon, Spanish time, the way of the 2 million displays for their forgetfulness and so delicious, tender, spontaneous, and family.

The little and your mom wear the same model pajamas and they appear to wash the face-to-consciousness, with the Olympia copying it to Serena.

Then, both disappear from the picture for a long time, during which you only see a still picture of the bathroom and the dog house, ‘Chip’passing by there.

Have you been forgotten to the athlete off the camera?

Not: finally reappears on the screen, already dressed to go to train.

What about Olympia? Also again, she puts on a dress, excited, and goes with his dad.

Already alone, Serena Williams apply your facial creams and eye contour, making a small mess with the order chosen… being very close with his followers at all times.

In short, normality is presiding over the morning of the great and powerful former number 1, anxious as all her teammates return to competition on the track.

PHOTO: CATCH @serenawilliams