The son of Brad Pitt wants Jennifer Aniston as a “mom”: how did you react to Angelina Jolie? | DiarioShow


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston they were married for five years. Their separation became one of the scandals most remembered in Hollywood. However, the actor was able to build a family together Angelina Jolie.

However, life takes turns. When the relationship with Jolie came to an end, all eyes pointed to a possible reconciliation between Brad and Jennifer. Although the versions of this were strong, it seems that only it was the desire of the followers of both artists. But, in the last hours he met a new fact that makes revival a possibility of reunion.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the fourth child of the couple of actors and, in the last few years, his name came out in the headlines of various international media in the wake of their change of gender. Although, in this ocasió did it for another reason. The 12 year old girl admitted that he would like to call “mom” to Jennifer Aniston.

Is that, before it decrees the mandatory quarantine for pandemic coronavirus, the son of Brad forged a very close relationship with the former wife of his father. In fact, the actress would have offered to Shiloh to participate in a new project that would start in the acting world.

In addition, the protagonist of “Troy” would have been very happy for the bond that unites your child with the also film director. “They have spent so much time together that Shiloh felt naturally call her mom”added sincere. So, is there something more between the exesposos?

Finally, Pitt referred to the reaction of Angelina about this approach: “it Is your worst nightmare”. Apparently, the protagonist in “Maleficent” would have forbidden their children to have touch with Aniston. I war-to-door!