The son of Will Smith boasts that the rapper Tyler the Creator, is her boyfriend


USA— new account the son of actor and singer Will Smith again generate doubt regarding their sexuality, because even though he has had relationships with women, has also been considered the possibility of being gay.

In this last installment of the Grammy he returned to unleash controversy, as for celebrate the victory of rapper Tyler the Creator, secured by a tweet “her boyfriend” won a Grammy award.

This is not the first time that ensures a relationship with Tyler the Creator,

Though for many it has been surprising the tweet from Jaden, others are only confirming what they thinking some years ago.

It was two years ago when Jaden Smith stated with pride, that rapper Tyler the Creator was her boyfriend.

The son of Will, decided to use the scenario of a Festival Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival beyond 2018, in order to declare his love for the rapper.

On that occasion, Jaden said:

“I just want to say that Tyler the Creator, is the best friend in the world, and what I want to very much. Tyler doesn’t want to say anything, but it is my pu*#%$ boyfriend. And has been my boyfriend for all of my pu*#$% life”.

This statement Tyler just denied what was said by Jaden.

However, after a short time the son of Smith returned to reiterate his declaration of love. through his Twitter account.

In that tweet, the young man wrote that, no one -not even Tyler – would deny the obvious, and that was crazy to downplay the importance of such effusive romantic.

It should be noted that Tyler the Creator, publicly never gave any statement that will affirm or deny what was said by Jaden.

A gay side that does not repress

Both Jaden Smith as Tyler, the Creator, have shown a gay side that seems to be part of his person, and not an advertising trick.

Tyler the Creator, winner of the Grammy in the category Best Rap Album for his album IGOR, has generated the doubt in his sexuality to sing some songs like ‘I Ain’t Got Time’, which presumes that takes kissing white guys since 2004.

Also, his statements have generated great controversy to say that “he likes girls but always ends up sleeping with his brothers

For his part, Jaden, since you left your childhood questioned about whether he was gay, since began to wear skirts and dresses of women, in addition to its changes of look that made him look more feminine.

Even he came to declare that he does not like the labelsand that if he is gay or not that is the least of it, because the important thing was to be happy.

For now the doubt as to whether Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator, are the bride and groom remains an open question, but without place to doubt, it was quite amazing to read the tweets of Jaden where he mentioned: “My boyfriend just won a Grammy.”– With information of Mor.Bo

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