The strange feeling that you have Adele with her body after losing 45 pounds


Since I decided to a divorce from her husband Simon Koneckiafter eight years of marriage and a child in common, Adele decided to make a radical change of image.

During the last year, the singer has starred in an amazing loss of weight: itthe british singer has lost more than 45 kilos!

And despite the fact that during all these months, Adele has tried to show as little as possible for your new image, trying to avoid the paparazzi manage to capture it; a few weeks ago, the singer decided to celebrate his 32 birthday by publishing for the first time a whole-body imaging where he showed his spectacular changeas we show in the video above.

An amazing weight loss that left many completely impacted. Up to this point came the comments, the personal trainer of Adele did not hesitate to come out in defense of the artist.

But, how does it feel Adele with her new image? Well, surprisingly the singer feels embarrassed

As well as revealed a source close to she days ago to Heat World: “Adele feels embarrassed by so much attention. She admits that even though now looks better than ever, still is not aware of its appearance“.

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