The strong fight Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill on social networks


Social networks were witnesses of a fierce fight between the rappers, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, in which both personalities unleashed a series of tweets aggressive. By your side, Nicki revealed the abusive behaviors of the Meek, as it reminded him that his brother was in prison for rape.

It is No secret that Nicki and Meek maintained a relationship of almost two years in the past, and apparently, this romance did not end on very good terms. When the couple split, Meek pointed to Nicki as ‘the best of your life’however, years after their break-up, the statements of the interpreter demonstrate the opposite.

The discussion began due to that Meek posted a picture of Kenneth Petty, husband of Nicki Minaj in which the rapper won’t stop making fun of your outfit; once such a publication came to the eyes of the interpreter ‘Tusa’, Minaj unleashed a series of tweets against the Mill, accusing him of having abused not only her, but several more women.

“This nigga has been tweeting about my man for a year. Saying that it gets to my profile to see it, but I block it. My nigga, continues to with your life. I know you’re embarrassed. You really asustaste in that store when you are pressured” said Minaj referring to the discussion that is engaged in a commercial centre on the 27th of January.

“You struck your sister and what you’ve recorded. Escupiste about it and what you’ve recorded. I pateaste in front of your mother, and she sent to the hospital. To be with Drake made you feel rough again, go ahead.” said Nicki Minaj in a second tweet.

The answer of Meek Mill’s accusations of Nicki Minaj

In the face of such accusations of the interpreter ‘Bang Bang’, Meek Mill defended himself by recalling the accusations of the brother of Nicki Minaj, who is currently in prison after having been found guilty of raping a minor of age in Long Island.

“The only way that you can attempt to kill my career, is saying that I hit women… Talk about your brother convicted for rape since you’ve paid for your lawyer… Your brother touched that little girl too! You know that I know… You want to fight with your boyfriend, and I will not do it” noted Mill in its defense.

Although many think that the fight ended there, Nicki took to her twitter account to respond once more: “Imagine talk of an alleged violation of a child for hurting someone that was not involved just for the people I hate. You can never fight alone. I won’t tell you the people of the tape where your mother offers me 20 million dollars to remove the charges. You were around. You know what I am talking about, see you soon.

Until the time, Meek Mill has not released a direct response to Nicki Minaj, however, defended himself by stating that he has never hit a woman; therefore, it is expected that in the next few hours there is some kind of statement on the part of the musician.