The tips decoration quarantine of the celebrities


Demi Moore, Drew Barrymoore!… and great cast! In quarantine we encourage you to spying more than ever, the homes of the famous. What do you choose?How do you decorate?What do they collect?. In this note, our findings.
Drew Barrymore at home. The actress decorate with their own line of decoration. Photo: IG

If something did this pandemic is to show the backstage of the famous. As ever, the celebrities we will be revealing the privacy of their homes.

Show you how to cook, how to will entertain (and entertain their children) and make your posts in social networks from the comfort of their sofas.

Or from your armchair… As this, that Drew Barrymore you have well close to your desk and secure called you attention.

Flowers and pictures of Drew Barrymore

The actress loves the colors and the prints. So carried forward his line of decoration. Photo: IG

Both I like the color and both enjoy the pictures that Drew Barrymore was released in full to the world of decoración.

The actress not only is your brand of beauty –Flower Beauty– also created Flower Home in collaboration with Walmart. In addition to a special line of interior decoration for kids, Flower Kids.

The prints and, especially, the flowers, the favorite Drew Barrymore (in his own home). Photo: IG

What’s better? In your posts and tours of your home looks like Barrymore made his home and the rooms of their daughters Frankie and Olive its best showrooms.

There are wallpaper and details of flowers in each corner.

The mini chairs from Demi Moore

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, a show in a living room full of… oh, seats! Photo: IG

Those who follow the day-to-day family Demi Moore (their three daughtersyour son-in-law and her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, the new family, Kardashian’s Hollywood) can’t stop to look around each time the actress or sus daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout make a pan of the mansion.

The chairs in miniature-not only are the walls of Demi Moore, also decorate each corner. Photo: IG

It is seen that at the home of Demi Moore not only are all very relaxed and the style prevails mountainous in the decoration,

also we can infer that during these years of travel and moving there’s a collection that the actress never left her side: oh Demi collects chairs!

In its walls (and every step all over the place) are left to see thumbnails of different versions of designer.

The clothes racks as decoration items

Rumer Willis and an almost-selfie at home. did you see the decoration? Photo: IG

And, of Demi Moore the fascination not only passes through the mini chairs and the skins (the joint in front of the fireplace are a classic). For photos of Rumer Willis we could see that the family he also collects hats.

Bruce Willis at the home of his ex, Demi Moore his costume original Apollo 13 and… another hat at the sight hanging from the wall. Photo: IG

And also use them! So is that the hanging on the walls become a coat rack decorative. As it says Marie Kondo: if make you happy… keep its shape (no dents) and without using boxes. Parts, to view.

Rumer Willis, a fan of the hats. Photo: IG

The colors of Emrata

The influencer and model Emily Ratajkowski (better known as Emrata) made his mansion in Los Angeles it is your shelter in this pandemic.

There she lives with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and your dog Columbo (the protagonist of many of his stories) surrounded by color and art. And both visual impact it has everything that the top model chose a neutral tone for calm view and relax.

To her great sofa Emrata opted for a color that is not beige, my grey, has a turquoise-green Tiffany you could implement.

Deco minimalist Cara Delevingne

No one would have imagined a style-neutral and net to the home of the bold Cara Delevingne.

However, it seems that in your hometo the top model like their environments are blank canvases full of light.

As well, Cara Delevingne may have at home floors clear, rugs made from natural fibers and many textures. Only some accessories (many Dior!).

Now that is separate (and only in the company of his many puppies) to Face the like disposed near the fireplace, Do and watch how builds up the firewood?