The trick of Jennifer Lopez to show off their lips more provocative

The lips of Jennifer Lopez are the envy for many women. Why?, are bulky, fleshy and provocative, especially when you’re using a red lip.

The Diva from the Bronx, singer and actress revealed weeks ago what is your makeup technique to enlarge the lips and make them more eye-catching.

She often resorts to the same trick: a strategic use of lip liner applied in the same way it does the model and businesswoman american, Kylie Jenner.

Color nude

And the secret and his personal style is the technique of shaping the contour of the lips with a pencil in the color nude.

Like Kylie, Jennifer Lopez, 50 years old, you typically resort to the profilers of lips in colors that are similar to your own skin to simulate the appearance of a mouth fuller.

Always tends to choose one or two shades darker to properly define the contours and then fills the interior with a lipstick of matte finish clear.

The contrast between the two shades creates a play of chiaroscuro that builds a mouth more voluminous instantly.

The detail that differentiates the technique of Kylie and JLo is that while the first tends to leave the matte finish of the lipstick, the singer prefers to complete the “fill effect” with one of the tricks of a makeup artist more effective: you apply a gloss clear both in the center of both the upper lip and lower.

You can choose a finish transparent or nude, which enhances the clear color of the interior making the contrast with the profiler to be even bigger and more prominent.

In varis interview, the singer herself has denied the use of cosmetic surgeries or botox to enhance your lips, she have always insisted that they are natural, but they use the techniques of makeup to make them more bulky. “They are natural, no surgeries, are as well, and yes, my favorite color of lipstick is red, it is the best I will with the color of my skin,” revealed the Hollywood star in an interview in 2016.

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