The unique detail in the photograph of Jennifer Lopez that ‘disturbed’ his followers | Celebrities and Royalty


The music star, Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity on Instagram with more than 120 million followers.

The interpreter No me ames constantly shares with her fans from different passages of his life, in particular his strict exercise routines that keep a enviable figure.

This is exactly what he did few days ago. Jennifer went up to the aforementioned social network a photo selfie in which she appears posing after finishing your exercise routine.

The singer accompanied the commented log with the following sentence: “If you don’t challenge, don’t change”.

So far so good, however, which stole the attention of many of his followers it was not his figure or his training, but a unique detail that is seen in a window at the back of the exercise room of the actress.

In the log, the closer his fans were able to see the face of a man, which is located with the mouth covered, which quickly began to be commented out, as his fans wondered who he was, even some came to think that she could be someone trying to enter the house of Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez | Instagram

Jennifer Lopez | Instagram

In the face of uncertainty that produced the log, in Daily Mail they sought an explanation, by ensuring that this subject may be exercising at the side of Jennifer or be a trainer custom that lives in your home, during the pandemic to help it to exercise.