The very curious secret of Kate Beckinsale to look young


To look beautiful and young… it is worth it all!! Apparently that is the motto of Kate Beckinsale, who after a thousand and one questions of their fans to know how to keeps their skin free from wrinkles -at 45-years, decided to tell the peculiar secrecy with which slows down the time as well as the severity.

What is this about? A facial created by the popular skin specialist, Georgia Louise although, yes… it is not suitable for those who are very particular with certain ingredients, and is that the main asset is removed from the foreskin of babies Korean newborns.

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Related notes:

“After a long flight, I like to lie down and be covered with the mask liquid foreskins cloned. Frankly, who does not like? It is incredible,” he confessed the british in an image that you shared in your account of Instagram, which erased hours later and all by the amount of negative comments that you received with this particular treatment.

But… in what lies the success of such a facial? It consists of a chemical peel accompanied by micro-needles to help the stem cells and amino acids to penetrate the skin and boosting the creation of collagen with epidermal growth factor, which is derived from the foreskin of babies Korean newborns -yes, as well as what you read-. “The factor comes from the cells of the parent who removed the babies Korean newborns during circumcision to after clone. Helps to generate collagen and elastin” confessed Georgia Louise to People.

What’s funny? Is that this is not the first to join this trend -which has a cost 13 thousand 167 pesos– as other famous as Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett also swear by the stranger as well as expensive elixir of youth. Now… the real question is: would you dare to try it?

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