The youngest son of Britney Spears reveals information about his family and insulting his grandfather on Instagram


Britney Spears, 38, is not one of his best momentsif a few days ago broke his foot dancing, now her little son, Jayden James Federline13-year-old has made a series of statements more than unfortunate about your mother and grandfather in a direct through its account of Instagram.

The teenager, son of the dancer Kevin Federline, 41-year-old, as any young man of his age, made a video where he answered the questions of the users where he spoke of his family unabashedly. The followers began to ask him questions about the private life of him and his family. About his grandfather stated that “was an asshole” and a “gay” and that, for him, “I could die”.

On the career of her mother also mentioned that, and said that Britney Spears had revealed to him that “probably retire”, what supposedly replied that he did not do it because “the music was giving him a lot of money”.But the controversy was not there, Federline assured that would tell you more details about his family if I got more followers.

In front of such revelations, many of his fans asked him if his mother would bother for all that he had said, to which he answered with apathy, saying that it was the same because his father sure would not mind. But these comments have led to a situation where the family has been the protagonist in the tabloids, thing that the dancer has not done much grace as it is in the middle of a legal battle to regain custody of their two children.


For his part, the lawyer of Kevin Ferderline, Vincent Kaplan has spoken about his client and has said: “they Were only things of a child of 13 years and nothing was going seriously” and added: “I Was experiencing with the social network and will learn from it. Did not understand the consequences, but with a little luck, now yes he will.”