The zasca with which Halsey has settled the rumors of pregnancy


The singer Halsey has taken to Twitter to settle some rumors that from days ago are circulating on the networks and that would be to say that it is pregnant. The artist, responsible for hits such as Without mehas wanted to end the speculations that have been raised after appearing in public with the belly a little lumpy. Your message could not be more witty, and he makes it clear to us what is to blame for your swelling: gluten.

So it is simple. This is not the first time that the users of social networks are launched to thinking about pregnancy of the famous for a unique reason: the aspect of your physique. If any artist has gained weight or shown the belly bulging, in the collective imaginary, there is only one option: mom-to-be.

Well, all those who have fantasized about with the upcoming maternity leave of Halsey have seen as his castle imaginary was dismantled thanks to a few tweets from the singer herself. The artist was seen in the company of her boyfriend, Evan Peters, last Sunday, on the outskirts of Santa Monica.

Halsey did not stop touching the gut and I saw something bulky under the dress I was wearing. Does that mean that you are expecting a baby? For nothing. So after many rumors, Halsey has been launched to Twitter to reveal what really happened that day.


“I’m still not pregnant. I am just allergic to gluten. Anyway, I love pancakes”, he wrote of how sarcastic in a tweet that has been shared more than 9,000 times. Then posted another message in a humorous way that said, “what Is a child? What is a girl? Are pancakes”.

But joking aside, Halsey released another message, expected, serve to stop the place about possible pregnancies of famous: “A pregnancy is a topic super delicate. Some famous have reported playback problems. Others do not. Anyway, it is inappropriate to mention to someone and speculate on something as precious and personal”. To see if you have a case.