This dance has generated thousands of comments on Instagram


Karol G surprised his millions of followers for Instagram on the dance floor the rate of ‘X’your new theme with the Jonas Brothers, a song which came to light this Monday, may 18.

The colombian singerwith more than 6.5 billion hits on YouTube, has become one of the female artists more views on the platform at the global level. Well, on this occasion, Karol G shared with their fans an excerpt from the video next to the american trio where it appears, dancing to the rhythm of the song while using a corset bodice in red tone, in addition to a lush wavy hair, unlike what is shown constantly.

He invited all his followers to listen to the new song with the brothers Jonas Brothers. The song is part of ‘XV’a special pack of two new songs from the trio of New Jersey, that also includes ‘Five More Minutes’, compositions that appeared in the documentary ‘Happiness Continues’.

The artists have been mixed your good vibes and talent to give us ‘X’, where the trio of brothers has been strengthened by your unique style with the Latin flavor of the hand of the colombian. A catchy song, where in addition to the pace, comes loaded with a powerful letter in which love and celebration are extremely present.

In the video, the four singing and dancing in split boxes that simulate the screens of mobile phones, something that has called the attention of the public. According to records the edition mexican digital ‘Elle’each one of the musicians who participated in the production recorded its share from the comfort of your home. For this reason, all are in boxes, but each one framed in a mobile device different.