This says Nicki Minaj in his part of the song ‘Tusa’

The success of the colombian singer, Karol G, ‘Tusa’continues to be the favorite on the radio stations and music platforms, at the global level. In addition, I get to be a kind of challenge between the men, those who, through videos viralizados on networking, expressed their pitch for the theme.

But, ‘Tusa’ has managed to break down the barriers of language, cultures, and countries, according to Karol Gnot only for its catchy melody, and by the letter with which you have been able to identify many people despechadas, is also due to that original touch that gave the rapper, singer, songwriter and actress trinitense, Nicki Minaj.

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Minaj joined the colombian to interpret this song, then began to follow on the social networks. “I followed Nicki for a long time and she more or less in June or July of 2019 I started to follow on Instagram, and for a time she commented and gave it a like to my post, I then took the initiative. I wrote to him, that I wanted to do a song with her and she loved the idea,” commented Karol G in a video posted on YouTube.

The rapper took almost a minute and a half of the song to play their part, with a small fraction in Spanish and the rest in English. But, what is it that he says?

This would be the translation of that stanza in English:

But I did all of this crying for nothing

Now I am a bad girl

And now you kick and you scream, like a big boy

Don’t try to make your friends to come

I used to lie down

I was not in the clubs, I was in my J. Or

Until I realized that you were a epic fail

So do not tell your friends that I’m still your baby

Because it is a new day, I’m in a new place

Getting a new D, sitting on a new face

Because I know that I am the bitch more bad that you have known

You are looking for a bitch more bad, and you still haven’t known

Ayo! Tell them to go back

He wants to loosen

No more calls, you have to disconnect

We are Karol G and I, and let them talk to the rats

Not escape us, because they are leaving to switch off the MAC

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The video for ‘Husk’ which was premiered on Youtube on November 9, 2019account , you already have almost 460 million views and more than 5 million of ‘likes’.

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