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“Confirmed: Halle Berry is unstoppable.” This is the phrase that is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes of the rigorous training that followed the actress for his participation in ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’, action saga starring Keanu Reeves. The video didn’t take long to become viral in Facebook and other social networks.

In the shared material in Facebook watch Halle Berry shooting a few guns, and after a machine-gun that eliminates a variety of targets for practice. The famous ‘Bond girl’, quickly change to another pistol and again you use another gun, proving his proficiency and agility as an excellent shooter.

But that is not all because on the one hand, the charged environment of action is lightened a little when Halle Berry smiles after someone says the impressive “double tap” he had just done, that it is a double shot with a single shot of a view. Immediately, the actress takes up the practice and gets rid of more targets.

Almost at the end of the video viral Facebookhimself Keanu Reeves appears before the cameras to praise the skills of shooting “Hollywood-style” Halle Berry, who at 53 years shows that it is a real action star. However, it was not without injuries and told them that they broke three ribs during his preparation for the shoot.

“But all the double I have been told that it is something that has happened with them since that is part of doing your own stunts and be a double action. And everyone told me ‘oh Well, now you have a medal of honor, you did the same thing that all, good for you, now back to work!’”, he pointed out Halle Berry the program The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In may 2018, Halle Berry was announced as part of the cast of the latest installment of the saga of ‘John Wick’, in the midst of reports that would have required a paper to it before the script even started to be written. In the tape, the actress plays Sofia, a killer who helps the protagonist accomplish his goal.

This role in ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ could mean a rebirth in the career of Halle Berry as the star of action since your forays into film have been scarce during the last decade and, who knows, I might even re-make history, as when he became the first african-american woman to win an Oscar Award as Best Actress.