Webby Awards 2020: John Krasinski, Miley Cyrus, Spotify, NASA, Houseparty, Jimmy Fallon among the winners of the “Oscars of the internet” | Awards of the Internet


This process of confinement and quarantine has meant that our digital consumption grows tremendously. During these weeks, the streaming platforms have grown, but also the creation of content from networks. And some of these are deserving of a prize, due to the quality of your content. Since 1997, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences delivers the “Webby Awards”, an award that encourages quality content in the network and covering different areas. This 2020, we already have winners.

Among the winners, include personalities such as John Krasinski (actor from The Office) for “Some Good News” on YouTube, Miley Cyrus by his saga on Instagram Live “Bright Minded: Live with Miley”, Avi Schiffmann and his project nCoV2019.live, among other key figures who developed content in the network.

In addition to the personalities of the network, some institutions dedicated to science and research have had a major presence at this awards ceremony. National Geographic won 15 awards in various categories, which include podcasts and content in photo or video. The presence “social media” of NASA obtained an award in this edition.

The site highlights the work of Jimmy Fallon, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Tom Hanks, Cardi B, LeBron James, Lil Nas X, Dolly Parton, UNICEF, Ronan Farrow, Game of Thrones and Celine Dion in this special edition of the Webby Awards: Webby from home. “This year’s program is dedicated to honoring outstanding individuals and organizations that use the Internet in response to the incredible difficulties imposed by the pandemic coronavirus”, noted the Academy.

Brands like Washington Post, Houseparty, Spotify, HBO, ESPN and Forbes are listed in this long list of winners of the twenty-fourth edition that you can review in this link.