What has been married to Jennifer Lawrence?


Have you been married Jennifer Lawrence with your partner, Cooke Maroney, who was promised seven months ago? The reicente visit of the winner of an Oscar for The good side of things and her boyfriend to a court in New York has done no more than shoot the rumors of wedding. The actress, 29 years old, and the art dealer, of 34, were seen last Monday at the marriage bureau in the presence of two security guards, a photographer, and another friend, according to have revealed that a variety of sources to Page Six they also point out that Jennifer and Cooke organized a big party for their wedding next month.

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According to the publication, a witness in the court wrote a tweet, now deleted: “When you go to obtain your marriage license, and Jennifer Lawrence is going to marry before your eyes. Yes, guys, the city is great. It’s the place to go!”.

The happy couple promised the past month of Februaryas confirmed by the representative of the interpreter magazine People. The couple was caught in a local in what seemed to be a celebration dinner, published Page Sixan occasion in which the artist wore a fabulous ring. “It was a huge diamond. It seems that what were celebrating, and the people spoke of it. The ring was eye-catching. They were sitting in a corner and she was wearing a black dress,” said a source close.

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Lawrence and Maroney they began their relationship in spring of 2018 and they have carried out their courtship with the utmost discretion. Chose to keep his love away from the cameras, although on occasions they have been seen strolling and working numerous samples of affection, demonstrating that they are living a very special moment.

Cooke currently works as a Director of the Gladstone Gallery, located in the exclusive neighborhood of the Upper East Side in Manhattan (New York), which represents such artists as the father of Lena Dunham, Carroll Dunham, as well as Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor and former Bjork, Matthew Barney. It is known in the circles of art and previously worked at the prestigious Gagosian gallery. Although now part of the social sphere as a new boyfriend of Jennifer, Cooke grew up in the countryside and spent his childhood on the farm of his parents in Vermont. It they met through one of the best friends of the protagonist of The Hunger GamesLaura Simpsonand they say that chemistry emerged instantly. A source close to the actress said to People last summer: “You’re smiling like I had never seen her with any of her boyfriends before.”

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Their romance began months after the break-up of Lawrence with the director Darren Aronofsky, 49-year-old, who was coming out roughly a year. Previously had a relationship of comings and goings with Chris Martin, ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, which culminated in the summer of 2015. The relationship is more lasting than Jennifer was with the actor Nicholas Hoult, after they met in the filming of the movie X-Men First Class in 2010 and were together for four years before splitting in 2014.

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