What Lana del Rey attacks Beyoncé, Ariana and Cardi B with a debate, “feminist”? We will explain to you


Lana del Rey criticizes letter
Lana del Rey. Photo: Shutterstock

Lana del Rey took advantage of the announcement of his new album to attack women in music. He accused Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, and up to Kehlani Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat, reaching the first place of Billboard because they have sexualized their songs. Wool suggests that the success of these singers is because, in their letters, speak of “be sexy, not wear clothes, have sex, cheat, etc.”wrote in a letter on Instagram.

The interpreter of “Summertime Sadness”, clarified that it is not a feminist. “But there must be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me”he writes in the letter. Referring to that she has been judged “without mercy” by being a woman “authentic” and dedicated to itself. For being “the kind of women that they take away their own stories and voices, by stronger women or men who hate women”, he writes.

Between all of this, what Lana means is that Beyoncé, Thee Stallion, Minaj, Grande, Hair, and Doja Cat are not hated despite their music about their sexuality, dysfunctional relationships, infidelity. And he says, she has suffered the criticism of his music for “glamorous abuse”. And with this, refers to the criticisms of their first songs. For example, in Ultraviolence 2014, sings lyrics such as “He hit Me and it felt like a kiss” and “it hurt Me but it felt like true love” in the main song.

In any case, the criticisms of the work of Wool have not been for portraying the female experience, but by glorifying the abuse. Her song “Cola” is inspired by his relationship with Harvey Weinstein, who is accused and convicted on charges of sexual abuse. She herself confirmed this.

Now, your question is: why they can sing what they want and I don’t? But there is not even comparison between their songs with messages of abuse and physical violence, and the female empowerment of Beyonce and the others performers that he mentions. The most is characterized by the hip hop and rap in their songswhere they talk about their life style, their problems, their successes or the life before the fame.

If it is singing presume their belongings, their money, or their sexuality, is it wrong? For decades, since the birth of hip hop and rap, and even pop, the men have touted what they have in their lyrics. To have reduced women to objects. Finally women have a voice in the genre, and therefore, Wool you can’t point out that they have not been under the criticalthe gender stereotypes and many vices over the industry.

Another thing to point out of this letter of Lana del Rey is that interestingly, in their examples of singers only speaks of women, african-american or latino, as Hair. No it is white. And the fact that you choose this group, says more of Wool than of the performers at the top of Billboard. In addition, Kehlani, Thee Stallion, and Donates Cat are practically new in the music.