When JK Rowlilng came out in defense of Serena Williams


JK Rowling is one of the most important names of the literary world with her groundbreaking work, Harry Potter. The writer of scotland is considered a pioneer for women all over the world with great success.

Most importantly, she is not the one that stays down and listen to when a man belittles a woman in public. She has been an advocate for women throughout his career. One of their defenses, most popular was that of Serena Williams.

Obviously it is a controversial topic to participate because Serenadivide opinions as anyone else. Although no one questions his playing immaculate, the people raised doubts about his attitude on the pitch. However, there are many who feel that their skin color and their gender identity, making it a soft target.

Whatever the case, a cartoonist for the newspaper the australian “Herald Sun” went too far with his criticisms. Made a caricature of Serena after her infamous defeat in the final of the US Open in 2018.

Serena fought constantly with the referee in their defeat against Naomi Osaka. Many blame it for being a bad loser and steal the moment a winner of a Grand Slam for the first time. The artist painted the portrait of Serena doing a tantrum on the court with a racket and a stuffed toy shattered on the floor.

The hysteria of their behavior faded in proportions and many have called the cartoon racist and sexist. However, what caught the attention was the caricature of Osaka. Despite being a woman of color, was showing as a white woman and blonde.

It sees the 20-year-old reasoning politely with the umpire Carlos Ramos, who asks: “Can you let her win?”

JK Rowling has criticised the cartoon, and came out openly in defence of the legend Serena Williams.

What did JK Rowling to defend Serena Williams? JK Rowling was not happy with the beating of Serena Williams.

She thought that his legacy was being tarnished by foolish people. “Well done, reduce to one of the best athletes alive tracks racist and sexist and convert to a second great athlete in a fixture without a face” , tweeted.

His tweet gained widespread support with people who were critical of the draftsman. Mark Knight was the person who developed this cartoon. There were also people who came in support of the cartoon. This stream of opinions he said that Williams understood what awaited him.

He had been disrespectful to the authority and intimidated a young tennis player. None of this endured the powerful support which he received Serena Williams of JK Rowling and other supporters of it. And your, also you support JK Rowling in solidarity with Serena Williams?