Why Emilia Clarke is not going to do more selfies with their fans


Emilia Clarke wants his fans to pay more attention when crossing with it Credit: Instagram


Emilia Clarke is no longer going to pose for more selfies with fans.

So was revealed by the actress herself in the podcast Table Manners, in conversation with the british singer Jessie Ware, the past weekend. A decision that should be, as it has given to know, an anxiety attack that she suffered in an airport a while ago and that did overflow to an admirer.

“I was walking through the airport, when, suddenly, I started to feel bad, he was giving me an anxiety attack due to my general exhaustion,” he told the protagonist of

Game of Thrones

, 33 years. “I was alone, talking on the phone with my mother and said weeping: ‘I can Not breathe, I am not well’. At that time, I was crying tears and a guy came up to me asking if we could make ourselves a selfie. I would not stop to tell you what I felt, but I could not breathe. It has been for moments like these, in which I do not know how to react.”

After the stress that she felt in that moment, that it was not clear when or where it was exactly, Clarke decided that it would not be photographed with the people because many times people are looking for the quick photo and are not able to look beyond and search for even one interaction with their idol. During the interview, the interpreter of

Last Christmas

he also recalled that, on another occasion, a fan woke in an airplane because he wanted a picture with her. This lack of sensitivity made the actress reconsider many things. “When someone asks me for a photo I want to be able to provide you with what you are looking for. I’ve been trying to find how I can do it without feeling that my soul is completely empty,” he said.

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For this reason, the known as Mother of dragons for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones admits that he now seeks an interaction with their followers, who wanted to send a message tranqulizador assuring that it will continue signing autographs to everyone who asks, as it believes that this relationship is nearest you, and an opportunity to maintain a brief conversation that would be more satisfactory than a simple picture.”

Do not, do not and will not: celebrities who do not want to interact with their fans

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't like to talk to you about strangers when out for a walk through the streets of New York
Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t like to talk to you about strangers when out for a walk through the streets of New York Credit: The Grosby Group

With this decision, Emilia Clarke joins a long list of celebrities who have declared themselves on a war footing with those followers who are just looking for the photo to show it off. It is the case of

Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence or Amy Schumer.

A few years ago, the actor

Guardians of the Galaxy

revealed that is had become an “economist of the time”. That is to say, if you want to go out and do normal things, have to disappoint those who want a photo with him because he refuses. “This is not about enjoying the moment but about to boast of the later time. So I say to you that if you don’t prefer a handshake,” he said in an interview, although he acknowledged that it was not very strict and many times just posing for the picture.

Jennifer Lawrence

it is more direct and admits that it becomes “rude and maleducada” when someone interrupted to speak, to take a photo or an autograph. “Once I go into a public place I am incredibly rude. I’m in a deep hole. That is my only way to defend myself. I take my dog to the park every day, Central Park [Nueva York]and as soon as we got to the entrance we are annoyed because it is about the whole world”, told in an interview with Variety. “I think that people, strangers, think that we are friends because I am famous and they feel that they know me. But I do not know,” reflected the actress

The hunger games

in a chat with the daily Telegraph.

Before you drop a few bad words, the actor

Mark Hamill

you prefer to use the imagination. Best known for playing Luke Skywalker in

Star Wars

the interpreter was seen last Tuesday in the airport of New York assembled in a wheelchair, with her dog in her lap and face nearly hidden under a large black hat. It was one of his followers who made him a photograph, and, worried, asked him on Twitter if it was all good. Hamill had no choice but to confess that it was a strategy to pass unnoticed among the fans who often stop for autographs.

Amy Schumer

also decided to root after a bad experience with a man that would not stop burning. “No, this is America and we’ll pay you,” the man said when the actress was asked to stop recording. The interpreter

the movie Trainwreck

wanted to return it to your stalker and made him a photo to upload it to your account Instagram -where it has over 9.4 million followers – to denounce the situation. “I don’t do it any more photos with anyone and it is the fault of this man of Greenville”, wrote then the comedian.

Who for years refuses to take photos with their fans is

Justin Bieber

though the canadian had the detail of alert all through his account of Instagram, which has more than 123 million followers. “If you see me out there, know that I’m not going to make me a picture. I’m done with that. It’s gotten to a point where the people I didn’t even say ‘hello’ or recognize me as a person, I feel like an animal in the zoo and I want to be able to keep my sanity”,

the artist himself wrote in may of 2016.

A controversial decision that came shortly after announcing that neither would their fans before the shows, because after those meetings, he said, was just exhausted and felt too much pressure to meet the expectations of the people, most of them fans who had paid thousands of dollars for sharing a few minutes with their idol.