Why not shaving your legs and armpits during the quarantine


How to depilate or not to depilate in this quarantine? The truth, now that we have held in our homes and not let the outside world see us, or the heels, activities of ‘personal hygiene’ as shavinghave become, probably, the least of our worries. Who cares if we have not shaved legs or armpits in the midst of a pandemic? Anyway, the social contact has been reduced to boards, virtual Zoom, or phone calls, and more that we see in person, is when we go out for food.

Now that several countries around the world began to relax their containment measures, especially in Europe, and a part of the society moves towards the ‘new normal’the light at the end of the tunnel looks increasingly bright. That, in part, causes uncertainty and, there’s no denying it, a bit of relief. Perhaps, a lot of relief.

Does the waxing was forgotten?

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To return to the streets means to go back to our normal activities inside and outside of the home with certain restrictions in order not to throw overboard all that we have accomplished with social distancing. And, if so, that would mean a return to certain basic routines such as changing clothes every day, activate the alarm very early and… shaving. But, is it necessary that at this stage of rebirth, let’s go back to the old habits that we have been carrying generation after generation? Probably not.

Inevitably, something we had to learn during the running of the bulls, and perhaps this learning has to do with revealing a little the standard of what ‘should’ and ‘should not’ do. doIt is necessary to shave to navigate the restive waves of the social harmony? It’s definitely not.

Bella Thorne is one of the famous that it has forgotten to shave.

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It is time to say good bye to waxing

Behind the running of the bulls is revealed our true self, with which we grow everything that we were hiding the light of the day (literally). Among these things, is the body hair, a supreme symbol within the differentiation of genres and has played an important role within the society; a man hairy symbolizes strength and masculinity, while a woman free of these and with skin smoother than a baby represents femininity and delicacy. But, do we want to live under these precepts today?

Disclosed to the razor, the wax or creams nor is it anything new, celebrities such as Madonna have refused for years to remove hair from, and she followed her daughter Lourdes Leon, Paris Jackson, Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus and even Julia Roberts. Women who leave grow their hair existed even before the pandemic by COVID.19.

But it’s not about pushing anyone into a new experience that may be painful. At the end, the decision is in the samebecause each woman is free to live his life and represent their concepts of beauty as will appear, and with which they feel comfortable. However, if you are one of those women who lament because you again have to fend of creams or razors to face the society, it is necessary to know that a woman and her role in the world, not defined by physical characteristics such as the hair that grows, whether we want to or not, uncontrollably.